Friday, February 8, 2013

"I DO"

Don't quote me on this, but I am pretty sure there is a least a wedding everyday. Seriously, right as your reading this someone could be getting married! I put together a little inspiration for your mind. Whether your having a wedding, planning on having one, or just looking, hopefully you will me able to get an idea of what your looking for!
Sleeve dresses are very in this year. No longer do you have to bare the shoulders to be the bell of the ball. I like how she added a lace cover over the dress to make it have sleeves, very DIY genius.

I see floral headbands everywhere now-a-days. I think they are just so feminine and girly and some even look like real flowers. Just a tip, make sure you go various places before buying one. One because you could find one you like more. Two because they vary in prices, some are very high while others are low. Oh and the dress and the bride-stunning.

The best thing I like about this is well everything! The floral headband, the bohemian dress. It's to live for- literally!

This is more traditional,but none the less beautiful
I like this idea of a ruffle. it comes off as a flower and a type of ruffle and it kind of reminds me of a tree stump ( My favorites the weeping willow by the way) and that is super smart.

It reminds of one of those cool bejeweled phone cases! The lace paired with the flowers and cutout and well everything makes me wanna put this now!

This looks like taffeta. I think it is so innocent. I love the belt it spices the simple look up just a tad.

I really liked this picture in general, but I also love the dress. It is so elegant and don't forget those quarter sleeves, it really helps make the dress.

Los Angeles Wedding Photographed by Tauran Woo
Lace. I don't think I can get tired of good lace. It draws you in definitely. 

New York City Wedding with Mint Green and Blue Details
If you wanna put a little jive in your drive, put on the ruffle. It's really just breathtaking hanging up, I wonder how it would actually look on....

I don't really feel like floral will be going away anytime soon. I like how it doesn't overwhelm the dress. It's just whimsical, child like, and I just wanna fly away with it!

Top bun+simple-classic dress= beautiful bride!

"Ruffles, Diamonds, Flowers, OH MY"! 

I just thought this would be a good ending....

And They Lived Happily ever after....

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