Monday, February 4, 2013

Around the World in 30 Seconds...

Let's take a moment to travel around the world. I wish I meant literally, because I would take a trip..well anywhere really at the drop of a dime! Where have been, or where do you plan to go? Well next time you go  can you take me along?! I'm serious, but on the topic at hand were gonna travel around and see what people are wearing in London & Milan. Bottom line their accent is extraordinarily awesome and so is their style.
I have actually seen floral sets a lot lately. I was gonna buy one the last week now that I think about it....maybe I should go do that now!

I can really decide what make her cooler the socks with pumps or just her I look good swag.

Berlin glamcanyon parka
I like this look mostly because she is actually dressed for the weather and still looks stylish. These army greens and jackets are in this year...I think I need to go get me one!

These blue pants look so comfortable! They are like cool pajama pants that you can wear out, love it.

The blazer, the shirt, the pants, he is just working it. 

I just want to steal this outfit from her and put it on right now! Blue is one of the colors of the season and she definitely knows it!

I sketch fashion outfits often and I always end up doing weird shapes, but I love the weird, rectangular, colorful, and quirky look of the outfit.

 NY vanessa jackman
Right when I saw this it reminded me of Ralph Lauren's new vintage line. It's so old and new at the same time I just can't get over it...

"Denim, Denim, Denim" (Mario Brothers song)

Can I have that sweater?! The cage mesh at the top cascading into the black is utter glory. 

The eyes like I wish I was a makeup genie and could do that, but sadly I am not .The sweater though, yea I am liking it....A LOT.

This pink coat is what got me, but I equally like the daisy shirt and that AWESOME afro! 

There's nothing I don't like about this outfit. Especially the stripped blazer/coat, and whoever took this picture is a great photographer. #justsaying

Color!House of Holland is awesome so basically so is this outfit!

I am not a fan of these shoes at all, but this gal is working them!

Who said black can't have a comeback! It never really went away to me! I love the dark but innocence vibe the look evokes.

Sadly, this mini trip has ended. Now back to life, back to reality!
(click on the photos to see more)

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