Friday, January 11, 2013

Favorite Things for 2013

So for the new year I didn't really make any resolutions, because I never really keep them, EVER. So I decided to do something a little different and make a list of my Favorite things for 2013. Some are old (as in last year), and some are newer. If your feeling into it try some out or get your own!
Now for the goods!

SN: My webcam is no Nikon but it will do. sorry if its unclear :(


So this is Big Smooch from Victoria's Secret. It's supposed to plump your lips if you need a little extra ummff. I like it a lot and I use everyday. In all honesty I cant tell if it plumps my lips myself, but a few people said it did. So I guess it works! I actually got this on sale for like 6 dollars but they should still have them in stock.


So this is another bag from Victoria's Secret and I love it! It actually has a good amount of room inside. I didn't get this the same day I got the other one, I got this before Christmas but I still carry it on mini trips. I think I had  10 dollars off and so I considered it a great deal! :)


So it's not the best shot but this is a blazer I got for Christmas and I love it! I haven't worn it out yet but it's very comfy. I think it's from Jcpenny's but I am not sure of that, and/ or how much it cost. The one in the middle is from Target, its on sale now for like 38 dollars but it used to be around 129 dollars so at the time my mom, who got it for me, was excited she didn't pay that much. I also saw it in Elle which made me pretty excited, not gonna lie.


So speaking of Target, I got this Elf Matte Lip Color. It's red although it the picture it looks maroon. I have never tried red lipstick or anything before this so I was a little nervous but I really like it. The best part is that it was only 3 dollars. If you haven't noticed by now I love LOVE LoVe good deals for good things!

So this is old. I think I got it over a year ago, but who doesn't like sparkle?! I literally have been carrying it all the time even if it doesn't even remotely match anything I have on.( #fashionistaprobs) Any who I got it at Old Navy and on sale for like 13 dollars. It was a good buy!

You had to know this was coming! If your not sure what it is, it's a sock bun sponge thingy. My hair is short, thick at the top, and thin on the ends so I had created my own method with a hairband. It does take me a long time to get it just right because of that but it's easy for people with long locks. All in all it's a wonderful product that does wonders! I got this puppy at H&M for about 6 dollars I believe, so if your into the sock bun, go get one!


Okay this is AMAZING, well to me anyways. Its a little Jewelry box holder. Also a Christmas present from my basically sister. Anyways I put all my rings in it because well I have a lot and they get lost easily. I wish I could tell you where it's from so you can have one too!

So collar necklaces were in last year,but who says you can't carry it over to the New Year? I am! When I found this in the store I was beyond excited! It's from Rue 21 and if your haven't heard of it, it's like a clothing store mostly but it has jewelry, shoes, and handbags too! I believe this was 6 dollars, which was good considering some are like 24 dollars.

Okay, if you cant tell what this is, it's perfume. This has to be one of my favorite scents Bath & Body Works has ever released. As you can see it's almost half way empty, which means I am gonna be hitting the store up soon to get some more! I think there perfume is fairly priced, but I actually got this at a B&BW outlet and it was like 3 dollars. Usally there outlets are cheaper than the store in like a mall, well the ones I go to.


I have sensitive eyes, well I don't really know I kind off diagnosed myself. Basically though if I wear to much mascara or eye shadow I get a stye at the top inside of my eyelid, it does really hurt but it is definitely irritating. So i had told my madre about it and she got me hyper-allergenic mascara and eyeliner! I haven't tried it yet but I think its a great choice for 2013 considering its healthier. If you can't see its Almay and their products are well known and pretty good! If you like good products and your eyes get irritated easily you should definitely go now! Eyeliner-1.44 and Mascara-1.08. I am not sure where she got it but probably from a local drugstore.

Okay so this doesn't really have to do with fashion, but I thought I should add it. It is called How To Be Black By:Baratunde Thurston. I am black so when I told people they were like What?!, (any race can get a kick out of it) but it's not actually literal, it doesn't actually teach you how to be black in a serious way, more like a funny way. I will admit I haven't finished it, but I am particular about books so if I keep reading it, it usually means I like it a lot. If you want a laugh definitely go buy it or get it at your local library.


This is my trusty Samsung Tablet that I got on my Birthday! It is my favorite thing! I mostly have fashion apps on here, so that's also why I added it. I am sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for them to make a sketching app for it so I can draw on there instead of paper, that would be awesome! If your interested in getting a tablet I would recommend this. I think retail it's about 299.00 but mines refurbished so I believe it was less. Also just because it's refurbished doesn't mean it doesn't work, mine works just like a regular retail one.

What I have right here is a fashionistas bible, no joke. Her head is  kind of covering it but it's Elle magazine. I really love this magazine because it's all about fashion. The only thing I would say is that it has a lot of articles, so if you don't like reading lots of articles it may not be the best fit for you. If you do take a chance on it though a lot of the articles are very good and interesting. I have a subscription with Harpers Bazzar through  Groupon, the deal itself was $5.00 its only for a year but sometimes you can buy the deal again before it expires or just get a subscription with Elle themselves.

So that's my list of Favorites for this lovely year of 2013, so far! I have more but I couldn't think of them all. Hopefully you enjoyed it can found something that caught your eye, that you would like to try or buy!

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